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RBMA14 - Tokyo by Abigail Press

About a month ago I found out from Soulection's FB page that the RBMA14 application was about to hit the internet. I had no idea what RBMA14 was, and upon googling found out that it was an application for an all expenses paid trip to spend two weeks in Tokyo with 30 other musicians from around the world. Say whaaaat?! Access to top studios and top equipment; the opportunity to learn and engage with famous musicians who have mastered their trade... 

Well, needless to say, I printed it out as soon as possible and started scribbling down my answers. The questions go quite deep into the musical sense of self, including questions prompting you to draw maps of where you are in relation to the musical universe. Even asking - 'Your in-laws are coming to dinner. What music are you going to put on (and what are you gonna cook)?': Some Manu Chao, stroganoff with beef chuck, red wine + a salad with balsamic vinaigrette, candied walnuts and blue cheese. 

I also put together a demo CD of select 'Abigail Press' songs. This was particularly fun because 3 of the 5 songs I sent them are unreleased tracks that I have yet to share with the world. Just knowing that they'll be some of the first to listen to the tracks is a thrill.

Anyway, yesterday I finally finished my application and gave it a real big kiss and a hug before mailing it off to the selection committee in Cologne, Germany. One of the requirements was to include a passport-sized photograph so I decided to send them my 'send-me-to-Tokyo' face.


I won't find out about my application status until June, but I must say that whether or not I'm selected for RBMA14 I'm glad that I went through the process. I've opened myself up to this opportunity and this possibility in the universe. Whatever the outcome, I've grown and I'll keep applying because The Red Bull Music Academy is putting together something for artists that I haven't seen anywhere else.

But let's be real - RBMA14 in Tokyo would be THE BEST THING EVER. PICK ME.