2015, I'm ready for you. by Abigail Press

Photo by Kris Jones

Photo by Kris Jones

Retrospect gives pause… sometimes leading to greater depth of understanding. When I look back on the past year I’m blown away by how much has happened and how much has changed. I’m a big advocate of change. Even simple things like moving a piece of furniture in my apartment gives me a different sense of being that I appreciate. Deep-rooted changes in life don’t always happen overnight, however.

In January 2014 I had two big dreams:

1)      Go on a European tour.

2)      Move to New York City.

I wasn’t sure if either of these would come to fruition, but I also knew that in order to find out whether or not they would I had to do something. I had to ask. I had to focus my intention on these goals in order to find momentum. And momentum I found! I moved to NYC! I went on my WAVY Euro Tour!

These things happened!

The kind of change I’ve experienced in the past year has been steady, constant, and at times overwhelming. 2014 felt like a sort of wormhole where the fabric of time seemed to bend and bring me to where I am now. Now, looking back on it all, I am so thankful, so inspired, and so focused for the future. No amount of words typed out by a keyboard or collection of emojis could ever truly express what this year meant to me. ♪\(*^▽^*)/ THANK YOU \(*^▽^*)/. I have some special things planned for Spring 2015 that I can’t wait to share with you!