one year

drink me >‿‿◕ by Abigail Press

One year ago today, my project, WAVY: The European Tour, was successfully funded!

Since then I’ve grown in so many ways and reached a new level of self//musicianship. After my tour I came back to NYC inspired to do more of my own production and create a sound all my own -- now I’m getting ready to release my first full-length album! 'Soft Thirst' is a project that is meant to be fun, playful, tongue-in-cheek, sexual, and driven by the technological thirst of our generation. Here's the first listen...drink me...>‿‿◕

This song will soon take video form - I've been choreographing dance and concepting some hot/milky/soft visuals for this over the past couple months. I'm working with my friend Adam Gundersheimer who studied Film at the New School and my Pisces sister Vanessa Haddad who studied Art at Cooper Union. We're also working with an artist who is going to create installations to add to the vignettes  !

My next engagement is a pre-album-release performance at SoundCloud NYC next Tuesday!

I want to thank you all again for believing in me. You make this matter.

Sky’s the limit!