APRIL = transient couch life by Abigail Press

-> ‘on-the-road’ ->


Hello morning! I wake up, pack my travel bag (midi keyboard + recording equipment included), and say goodbye to my lovely Brooklyn loft. Some of you may already know – I’m in pre-production on a music video for ‘drink me’, the single off my upcoming album Soft Thirst, and the budget is more than I had initially planned for. Music videos cost money, especially if you want fun things like cameras, lenses, a location, lights, and budgeting for one can be super frustrating considering you are an artist with massive student loans and no savings. My solution to this problem is to sublet out my room for the month of April and stay with friends -> ‘on-the-road’ -> a mini-vacation right here in my own city!! That’s right, yur girl is gonna be a transient being, dedicated to her music so much so that she’d give up her room and sleep on a couch for a month straight. You heard me, I’m a couch potato/bum. Honestly though, I’m looking forward to it because being out of your own space opens up possibilities and frees you of possession. It feels reminiscent of packing and mentally preparing for my European Tour, a welcome feeling.

Anyway, I’ll be writing random posts throughout the month to document this transient time in my life. Sometimes I forget I have space for words on this website and don’t blog as much as I’d like to, so this month I’m going to give words more focus. PLUS +++ I HAVE REALLY COOL MUSIC THINGS HAPPENING NEXT MONTH! A Lil’ Pennsylvania Tour WKND Thing!! That’s right, next weekend I’m headed to Pittsburgh to perform for the 1st ever BOOM CONCEPTS ! VOLUME showcase.  BOOM CONCEPTS is a community-focused shared space that promotes and fosters community growth for all ages through gallery showcases, performances, and gatherings. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of this and especially with the people who are involved.

THEN – the day after the Pittsburgh performance I’m headed with the crew to Philadelphia for another dope showcase. My new friend Arielle a.k.a. QUALIATIK received a $3000 grant earlier this year to put together a live musical performance that dovetails music with neuroscience in an interactive and accessible way. SHE’S STUDYING NEUROSCIENCE PEOPLE. This girl is super talented and super lit; super excited a bunch of artists together to jam and share brain experiences for QUALIA. She’s pin-pointing an area of music that is not always touched on – experiential aspects of music and how subjective the experience can be based on your neurological make-up…highlighting psychological and emotional changes that occur in the brain while listening to music. COOL! TBH I’m not entirely sure what is going to happen which is what makes me HELLA EXCITED FOR THIS!

luv u bbs,

stay tuned//more soon