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Logo Design by Emily Dubovoy

Logo Design by Emily Dubovoy

Living in New York City often feels like swimming against a fragile current in a very large, dirty, overcrowded fish tank. One riptide can send you reeling off into another stream. There are millions of other beautiful fish. Are my scales visible? Am I swimming the right direction? Is there anything beyond this glass ceiling? 

Breathing underwater is a skill you have to acquire here. Finding the space to spread your wings and swim the beautiful butterfly laps you are capable of is a constant battle - which is why every self-made, independent platform is worthwhile. Now how can I, abbi press, emphasize the people I care about and give them ample space to shine? Welllllllll, seems that it's about time that I just go out and do it how I wanna do it, heh? 

Press Presents is an all purpose platform to promote and support the full spectrum of talent that surround us. There is a unifying theme of creativity between extremes and various disciplines that we can articulate through different mediums: music, visual art, photography, and film. Throughout the next year, my aim is to produce events, features, and exhibitions of this spectrum. The future is unknown, let's go get it!