pittsburgh : confluence by Abigail Press

Houses, homes, streets, ideas being constructed into a new vision of this city that lies at the confluence of rivers – Pittsburgh. 

 Pittsburgh is beautiful. I realized on the bus ride here that the last time I left NYC was visiting Jimmy V in upstate NY for Halloweekend. This becomes more apparent walking through the streets of Pittsburgh because everyone is alarmingly friendly. Wait, we’re saying hello to strangers? And they’re saying hello back with a smile? WHERE AM I?

Not only are the people in Pittsburgh super friendly, they are hard working. Penn Ave. is a prime example of this work ethic, a street full of locally owned businesses including BOOM Concepts where the show is tonight. Julie Malice (pictured above) is one of the individuals promoting growth within the community and at the forefront of accessible artistic development here in Pittsburgh. There is a sense of community here that I haven’t witnessed in a long time. Things are moving, things are being built, and it seems like the people population is a big part of the change. 

Is any of this real? Worlds colliding and perspective gives new meaning to what can be achieved through sound. I met Shisa & Clay Colonna online through Choongum almost two years ago when I collabed on ‘Coral Reefer’ that was released on Seascape 64 via Hoko Sounds. Now I’m staying in their house and performing w/ them - friends! If that isn’t internet I don’t know what is. URL takes on a different form IRL, a palpable form and it feels fantastic. Living, breathing: appreciation.

Pittsburgh you impressed me, you came alive, you gave me so much love, you inspired me. Dancing elevated; surrounded by a crowd grooving along to my music felt vrrry amazing in more ways than I can articulate/type. THE BOOM CONCEPTS SHOW GAVE ME ALL SORTS OF FEELS THAT I REALLY NEEDED AND LOVE YOU FOR THAT. THANK YOU PITTSBURGH. 


When I tell people about my transient April couch life I get the same response – DEDICATION. “You’re so dedicated!” “Now that’s dedication!”…it means a lot to me that people appreciate what I’m doing, but it also sort of catches me off-guard. Like, hello, I’ve been this dedicated about my music this entire time people. Why is it just now getting this attention?

I guess it’s not every day that people sleep on a couch to raise money for a music video LOL. To be honest everyone should stay with their friends and live off couches for a few weeks! It’s been great! Living in a space that isn’t your own gives you a different perspective on your surroundings. Just as when you travel, time takes on a new meaning, and possibilities open themselves up to you. Like this past weekend I rented a studio in Chelsea and practiced my set for the performances I have this weekend. MY LIL’ PENNSYLVANIA WKND TOUR THING !

Finding space between the skyscrapers, a dance floor - to be focused on my artistry and hone in on my purpose for this upcoming weekend. YES, these are the moments that remind me why I'm here in NYC, grinding; following my dreams. PENNSYLVANIA HERE I COME.