Levice, Slovakia by Abigail Press


I get the same question over and over - why Levice? My answer is easy - Melodica Netlabel, the creation of Andrej Ammo and Tomas Kaizels. My first internet release with Melodica 'drifting dawn' garnered over 35,000 downloads and planted the seed for this European tour. Everyone seems so surprised that I chose Levice, but it really feels like Levice chose me.


This is my last live performance on the tour. The next one will be in an online chat room from Milan, so I'm gonna give this show all I've got. From the very beginning of my set I have a whole crowd of people grinning up at me, dancing, loving the beats and the vibes. This is why I do this. Soaking this up every bit of this. Everyone wants a signed CD! I do my best to write all their names correctly, my hands still shaking from all the energy from the show. I'm blown away by these people. SO MUCH LOVE LEVICE. 


Tomas gets back on the turntables and starts playing some 1920s electronic house. We dance the Charleston and move like flappers; as fast as our feet will allow. I have a dancing partner and we're moving in and out in time with the beat, spinning. Slovakia, the Charleston, amazing people - I am loving this.


You can see the stars here, so bright, blanketing the sky with luminescence. Levice is small, yes, but beautiful.

The next day Andrej and his family take me to a traditional Slovak restaurant. It's a beautiful old cottage with goats and geese in the back. I'm loving every minute of this. I walk out into a field and see Bambi and his mom hopping away. Take in a deep breath of this nature because you won't find this in NYC Abigail. Deep breath.


Later on we go to the Levice's castle ruins. Apparently some Hungarians took the better part of this castle a few hundred years back, but even the one wall that still stands is beautiful. I look around, we're the only ones here. It's a refreshing feeling. Imagining this same view but in Prague, the place would be crawling with tourists. It is only me and the castle in this frame.


We climb to the highest point in the city, in the distance you can see their nuclear power plant giving resonance to the time in which we stand. We take some time to chill out at 'Holland Bar' and eat Gypsy burgers. The joke is that they're actually made out of Gypsies...

When we get back to Andrej's flat his parents are there to greet us and they have presents for me! Seriously the sweetest people. They give me a Levice magnet and a little stuffed animal to help me sleep on the train. Their hospitality is incredible. They really made me feel at home. So much love for Levice. 


W A V Y is happening. by Abigail Press

Today is the day. It’s officially happening. BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING!

W A V Y is happening.


Unreal is the word that could sum up what I’m feeling right now. This whirlwind itinerary and momentum of intention has already brought me to places that leave me breathless. Where will I go from here? First tour ever. Europe. Hard to believe seven months ago this was a dream that I put out into the universe. My current reality is one that I manifested, but it wasn't without your help.

Before I take-off I want to say a specific thank you to Triibe Movement and Anthony Taylor who helped create the visual representation of WAVY which successfully kick-started my dream into a reality. I want to say thank you to each and every one of you who donated to my Kickstarter and to everyone who supports me and my music. It means the world.

Stay tuned. I’ll be posting updates on my website during my tour to share all my adventures. Here I go!


- Abigail Press