🌱 by Abigail Press


You haven't heard any original productions from me in awhile...there's a reason. I've been taking time to focus on honing my writing/production skills and to find more of what my current 'sound' sounds like. I want to release quality versus quantity. An EP is an obvious serendipitous bi-product of this process. I'm not rushing this process. It's been frustrating to find time for this process πŸ•πŸ•₯πŸ•’. Working 40+ hours a week and some weekends is a daily mental struggle, grind and obstacle, but one I take with pride. I've been working for my dreams and every day I'm able to grow towards them🌱. Come to think of it, I'm the only one at my job who talks about their dreams... I constantly have to remind myself that I'm built for something more and that my passion is my calling. Keep it up, never quit, keep doing what you love.


Apart from my inward process I'm working on...

+ an EP with my soul sister/friend/rapper/singer, Brooklyn White. Our project has a name. Our project has vibes and it'll hit you in the face hard -- you don't know what's coming. I'm producing all the beats for this project so I'm especially proud of the sound that we're creating.

+ a powerful EP from Mister Lies which is currently being mixed and mastered, a project I'm proud to say I am part of. You'll hear my vocals on 3/4 of the tracks.

+ collaborations with amazing musicians and producers. An ever evolving list.

+ practicing and updating my live performance set p.s. book me.

+ a video/single release project with a group of amazingly talented ladies here in NYC which will be released through The Gradients, a project started by Kathy Lee to blend different creative platforms.


I believe actions speak louder than words. πŸ’―. All these seeds I've planted are quietly growing and when they bloom they're gonna blossom 🌸  loud and share another layer of my life. All of this to say: more soon ~ stay tuned ✌🏼️